Why ICOs?

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If you are a blockchain entrepreneur today  -  ICOs are an easy way to raise money, and the broad distribution of one's token can create powerful momentum for your product.

These are exciting developments, and ICOs and decentralized organizations may very well transform industries long-term.

The cryptocurrency market is hot once again. And while it continues to set new records, a host of altcoins will demand its slice of the market.

Blockchain Application

Why Decentralization Matters

Decentralization is a concept in politics, business, technology, and other fields. In a nutshell, it means a central authority doesn’t have control over a system, but control is distributed among the participants in the system.

Avoids the abuse of power

Decentralization avoids the abuse of power from central authorities. However, this comes at the cost of every participant taking on some responsibility themselves.

Reduce the cost

Trust is embedded in the very architecture of the system and reducing risks reduces transaction costs, it can be faster and cheaper to use.


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are rethinking the way we organize companies and institutions.

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We review companies’ business models and help them adjust their businesses within the growing blockchain ecosystem. We offer a wide range of custom blockchain development services.

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